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The Motor City Burning

In 1967, the Motor City was burning. The biggest riot in American history erupted in Detroit.# Calling out... #The riot wasn't the only revolution going on. The '60s saw Detroit create wave after wave of music,that would capture the sound of a nation in upheaval.# ..For dancing... #In the early '60s, an aspirational record label would transcend Detroit's inner city,to take black music to a national audience.Once Motown became a major, major player,the music industry, well, that also put Detroit more on the map.People in the town were just so proud.If they'd go to California or New York, they'd say, "Where you from?""I'm from Motown." They wouldn't say Detroit, they'd say Motown.And in the late '60s, a bunch of surburban kidswould descend into the inner city, to create revolutionary rockthat expressed the rage of young, white America.We wanted to rewrite society.We wanted to build it from the ground up.Just tear everything do…

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