Forget Sunny Leone and remember Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Chaar Bottle Vodka Sunny Leone dancing in it!Our mind thinks in pictures not in words as that song plays Dancing Sunny Leone will come up in our minds Sunny Leone comes you will go and search 'Sunny Leone videos' on the net and there you go!*Audience Giggles* Parents will go on to say to study hard mom I not watching Sunny Leone videos, I am studying how will you concentrate on studies? Why will you study, there is no reason to study! If you need a reason to do something extraordinary need a purpose need purpose and inspiration to live here will it come from? From Sunny Leone hot videos? I strongly recommend you all Strongly recomend you I have never recommended so strongly for anything else Dr APJ Abdul Kalam is the biggest inspiration for students in this world*Audience Claps*Please play the audio of Biography of APJ Abdul KalamOn 1990's Republic DayIndia celebrated for success of her missile programme (APJ Abdul Kalam) was honoured with Padma Bushanand also Dr. Aruna Charan .After 10 years the memories of Padma Bhusan again refreshed (APJ Abdul Kalam) lifestyle is still the same like it was then room of 10 by 12 full of books for my studies and some needful furniture which I rented the only difference was that earlier this room was in Trivandrum now it is in Hydrabad Waiter brought my breakfast . Idli and Coach and an underlying smile in eyes of congratulation APJ Abdul Kalam was very happy I know that many of the scientistsand Engineers leave the countrygo to different countries to earn more but can they get this respect that they get from their country?15

What!You want to be Sunny Leone?What does that even mean?It means what you just heard. I want to become Sunny Leone. Sunny Leone is a...Pornstar.Just as you are an Assistant Manager Mom is a housewife, my sister is a teacher.Uncle is a doctor, and our neighbor is a pilot,...similarly Sunny Leone is a pornstar.Her job is to make millions of people happy!And if you don't believe me......check out the number of Likes she gets on the Internet.You... you' 've gone bonkers.You will go straight to hell. This is a sin.Your Mom is right.Dad, the biggest sinners are men like you......who, in the name of culture, society and morality......suppress us girls so much that we start believing it is a sin to be a girl.Look at what you men have been trying to drill into us since generations:preserve our sexuality for one man only. The husband.So that once he gets bored after taking out all the entertainment from her,he can just reduce us to a child-bearing machine.A woman's life is meant to be for only this purpose.Why should yours be any different or special?Mom, it's not meant for that purpose. We have just been think like that by men since generations.What is it that you want?Are you saying you want to 'sell' yourself? Well, everybody in this world is selling something.Some sell their words, some art, some their hard work.....similarly, Sunny Leone sells her sex appeal.The basic fact of life Mad. This girl's gone totally mad!This girl needs shock treatment. That's the only way to cure her.It's not me but it's you guys who need shock treatment.So that, your closed minds can open up.You want to be Sunny Leone and you think we need shock treatment?!You are unbelievable.When you can' twin with logic, that's when you start using force.


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