how to add subtitle from youtube

well i'm just an editor and i dont know what to typenot new to video. In fact, most films before 1930 were silent and used captions with videoto really tell the story. Now Charlie Chaplin was the man! He didn't even have to say aword and he was able to really captivate an audience. And in this video I'm going to showyou how to create captions or subtitles for your youtube videos. And this can reallybe powerful because adding captions can really increase user engagement and also make that video to rank a little bit higher in the search engines. Let's take a look!Alright, to add that really important transcription to your video what you want to do is to mouseup to the upper right-hand corner, mouse over to Video Manager and once you're there youneed to select the video and hit the edit button that you want to add that transcriptionto. Once you're here you need to see the Captions tab here, click on that. And what happensis YouTube automatically makes captions, and they're not very good. Because it has a verydifficult time all of us speak a little bit differently and they do a horrible job atdoing it. huge task. And so what we need to do is help them out. So the first thingis if you actually have a script that you read from you can actually just upload thefile, just click this right here and just upload the file, really easy it will justsync and it's super easy. Now if you don't you can go ahead and hit the Transcribe andsync. Now this is where it's really cool and YouTube's making it really easy for all ofus to transcribe our videos to make the search engines easier to know what we're saying.So the great thing about it is you can actually have the video start playing and as you starttyping it stops the video. Now the great thing about it too is that if you hit Shift andthe left arrow it takes it back 5 seconds. And then also, I'm going to just pause ithere, also you can hit shift plus the space key and it actually pauses it. So I'm goingto go ahead and go through and this is where you can go around and play with it a littlebit. But I'm going to go ahead and do the transcription here real quick. Ok now whenyou have the whole video transcribed all you need to do now is click the sync button andit's right here, this blue button here. What it's doing it's syncing what you typed withwhat you're saying. Ok you actually have two active tracks now that it's synced we needto get rid of the automatic captions. And to do that just click on it, come up hereto actions and hit Disable. And click over here on Active tracks and I want to show youhere, so let's let me just show you here what it does. So let's go ahead and hit this andhit play. So you can see how great it is, it just works out perfectly.


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